38 Games Like FTL: Faster Than Light

The last enemy cruiser powers past the wreckage of its three comrades. It opens fire, blasting away at your vessel with its forwards guns. The blazing inferno in engineering has claimed the lives of half your crew. Those few left alive fight to desperately contain the threat. You try not to think of those men as you order power diverted from life support to the main guns. Many will die, but enough will remain to continue your mission... Games like FTL Faster Than Light live on these moments. They are unafraid to show you just how harsh their world is and will not pull their punches. They are equal parts survival, RPG decision making and turn based tactics experience. It's just you, a ship, and the challenge of earning enough money to keep it flying. The beauty of games like FTL Faster Than Light is that no single story is the same, as each will branch out and alter. Each is a cluster various side-quests and odd situations, balanced to have a risk factor involved. Each is a link in a chain of hundreds of minor engagements, and every one can alter your path in some way. Even without a full story, a costly battle will define how you approach future challenges. Other releases cite complex storytelling as a driving point, but games like FTL: Faster Than Light thrive on simple ideas leaving a massive impact. This is as true of the quests as it is the core mechanics. The act of piloting a ship might seem like it would require a complex series of menus, but it's more a case of keeping track of key systems. Well, that and the risks of losing them. If you lose O2, your crew will choke to death. If your engines explode you can no longer dodge incoming fire. If a gun explodes then trying to fire it is a bad idea. It offers a simple start, allowing you to focus upon rapid decision making. Something you will need given the sheer volume of uphill battles you're certain to run into. You will rarely find that a battle is ever weighted in your favour. Without a lot of luck and plenty of skill, you are going to be constantly outgunned at every turn. Yet, because of this simplicity, the gameplay proves to be harsh but never unfair to the point of cheating. Perhaps the greatest appeal of games like FTL Faster Than Light lies in their sheer replay value. You can beat them a thousand times over, die a million more, but you will find new stories awaiting you. In some quests you will keep failing by the narrowest of margins. In others you will keep dying to that one enemy, driving you to find a way to kill him. This keeps pulling you back in over and over again, just to get a bit extra out of the game. If you seek a game which challenges you. If you want a game that doesn't pull its punches, then take a look at those listed below.

Games Like FTL: Faster Than Light