Fishing Planet

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Fishing Planet is a unique and highly realistic online first-person
multiplayer fishing simulator developed by avid fishing enthusiasts for
anglers to bring you the full thrill of actual angling! Choose your lures,
make your trophy catches, discover new possibilities and sharpen your real
angling skills anywhere, anytime with your friends!
The game is FREE to play and just a download away!
Aside from a rare few, there were no decent fishing games created over the
whole 30-year history of game development. And not a single one in recent
years! Don’t we anglers deserve better than that?
Fishing Planet decided to set this historic injustice right and finally make
a game that fishing enthusiasts were waiting for all these years! And
according to our Beta Testers, we hit the mark!
Fishing Planet isn’t just another game about fishing. Stunning eye-candy
graphics, superb hydro and aerodynamics, realistic tackle behavior and damage
based on actual simulation physics and, most importantly, fish with
artificial intelligence for completely lifelike behavior make this a
true-to-life fishing simulator that can help you improve your actual angling
The combination of unique graphics, realistic game physics and sophisticated
AI will bring the realistic world of fishing directly to your computer

-------- *KEY FEATURES:* -----------------------------------------------------

* 32+ species of fish, each with its unique behavior and AI.
* 7 scenic waterways with multiple locations, various climatic conditions,
bottom terrains and vegetation.
* Thousands of tackle combinations with unique physical and hydrodynamic
* Superb dynamic water graphics with ripples and surface that changes
depending on wind, current and depth.
* Weather – day/night alternation, change of seasons, different weather
conditions (rain, fog, bright sunshine)
* Multiplayer capacity – online tournaments with personal and team scores,
system of achievements, leader boards and top-player lists.

-------- *WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT:* ------------------------------------------

* Complex AI system for fish behavior that correlates with seasonal and
climatic change, time of day, speed of water current, bottom contour and
type (color and structure), water and air temperature, wind, etc.
Biting/striking reactions for each fish species are completely realistic
and natural as well as specifics of lure attacks.
* Photorealistic graphics – using latest high-end tools for ultimate
photo-realism: photogrammetry, all waterways are based on real location.
* Unique system of game physics and realistic tackle damage – rods, lines
and reels break according to their actual individual characteristics.
Realistic aero and hydrodynamic environment for lures and retrieves.
* Dynamic water graphics – splashes, waves and ripples on the water create
a fully realistic fishing atmosphere.
* Weather – change of conditions depending on location, season and time of
day. Possibility of sudden rain or sunshine breaking through the clouds.
* Tournaments and fishing duels – created based on world’s most popular
fishing competitions.