38 Games Like Elite: Dangerous

Every release has a niche market in mind. Whether it's the bullet hose fanatics of modern First Person Shooters or spiky haired stats experts who latch onto Square Enix release, someone will love and defend any release. Games like Elite Dangerous, however, are made with a very specific group in mind; the kind of audience who sees a bewildering keyboard of controls as a test of patience, and complex launch sequences as little more than a simple challenge. If this sounds like you at all, then you might be interested in what similar games offer. The big stand out feature of other games like Elite Dangerous is their sheer capacity to break from expected trends. The very genres of these games often goes heavily against the grain and embrace often ignored qualities in modern titles. Better yet, however, they often make them work in their favour. Take for example the simple idea of travelling between worlds. Many releases favour rapid travel, either by speeding up the journey to a few minutes or simply adding in a fast travel system. Elite Dangerous goes in the opposite direction, making FTL travel a lengthy and arduous affair, but the complexity of its mechanics and the risks involved (from pirates to stranger things) keeps it engaging. The same goes for its upgrade system and ship maintenance, both offering a degree of control and choice which eclipses the more direct systems of other titles. Yet, games similar to Elite Dangerous still know when to pull back and let more traditional gaming elements take over. Little is done to the sheer beauty of the galactic backdrops short of simply enhancing them, and space combat remains the Second World War dogfighting it always has been. Albeit one with far more lasers, missiles and sci-fi guns to keep things entertaining. The point is that, while similar games often take steps to rework otherwise ignored ideas, they never take it a step too far and try to reinvent the wheel. Perhaps what makes games like Elite Dangerous stand out the most is their sheer scale. It doesn't matter what you look into, from simple laws of the setting to the ever shifting market between worlds, as simply everything here has a level of thought put into them few other releases can match. Detach from a station too quickly and you can end up venting atmosphere, or land on the wrong platform and you can be fined for stealing a parking space. Even the smuggling of illicit goods can be made possible by abusing loopholes in the law, and even the nature of certain galactic powers can be used to your advantage. At every turn, you see the simple tactic of taking the same elements present in similar games, but adding a level of detail no other developer would have bothered with. If you wish to explore science fiction to its fullest, if you wish to be rewarded for always pushing further than anyone else to uncover new truths, and desire to experience a game as vast and deep as the ocean, take a gander at those listed below.

Games Like Elite: Dangerous