38 Games Like Skyrim

Skyrim truly is a game that left many players hooked. With its expansive and beautifully designed world, in-depth lore, abundance of weapons, armour and skills and satisfying action filled combat, its not surprising the number of gamers who are searching for other games that can replicate the memorable gameplay of Skyrim. If you are one of these gamers, take a read of this list of games like Skyrim.

This list of similar games to Skyrim has been generated by GameCupid's intelligent game matching engine that considers every feature that is in a game. Therefore all the games on this list will contain features that will replicate the elements of Skyrim that made it so great. Whether you are looking for an action packed adventure, an engaging lore to discover or satisfying combat, this list of games like Skyrim will have you covered. 

All of the games on this list have been broken down into their individual features in order for the GameCupid algorithm to evaluate them. What makes this list so accurate is that all features have been activated by the people that have played the game and know it best. If you wish to further improve the accuracy of this list then head over to the Contributor Portal to get involved.

Games Like Skyrim