38 Games Like Earthbound

Earthbound was developed as a collaboration between HAL Laboratories and Creatures Inc. This Japanese turn-based role-playing game takes the traditions of the genre and satirizes many of them. The main point of satire has to do with the plot and setting, as Earthbound happens on a planet similar to Earth. Players control a party of kids as they visit Sanctuaries in order to stop an evil force that’s corrupting the world. At first, players only control a boy named Ness, but the adventure leads him to other kids that choose to tag along. There is Poo, a martial artist; Jeff, an inventor; and Paula, a psychic girl. Although it may seem normal at first, the story takes strange directions and players find themselves in peculiar locations. Like a dream sequence or a swamp inhabited by dinosaurs.  The gameplay also subverts the usual tropes by being a traditional turn-based RPG but one that counts with strange enemies like cockroaches, an overworld that isn’t seen in a top-down format, and the lack of random encounters. Instead, players will find enemies walking and it's up to them to approach or avoid them. Also, if the player has a high enough level enemies will start to run away from him/her. Combat itself allows players to do different actions, like attacking, spying, mirroring, healing and running away. Victories reward characters with XP, which increase levels and improve stats. A commercial failure back when it released, Earthbound is now one of the most beloved turn-based JRPGs released on the SNES.

Games Like Earthbound