38 Games Like Dungeons and Dragons Online for Mac

Sometimes a game doesn't have to be original, or innovative. Sometimes all they need to do to succeed is just take the basics and do them exceptionally well. Games like Dungeons and Dragons Online have proven this time and time again, retaining and reusing mechanics, ideas and even the odd story cliche, but presenting them in exactly the right way until you simply don't care. Obviously other games like Dungeons and Dragons Online are heavy on lore. While this is true of many similar games, the depth and detail present in these releases often outshines them at every turn. While elves will live in woods, orcs will be violent raiders, and dwarves will be Scottish drunkards, the thought put into how each society works, how they communicate and make their way in the world is second to none. Such concepts are essential to these games for two reasons, the first being that they ultimately add far more detail to the world for story fanatics. The second, however, means that they offer a better narrative supporting structure for future quests, and more inventive missions. If an elf asks for something odd there will likely be a story to it, and a surprise twist for any who follow up on it. If an update inserts a quest giver into an area you have passed by a hundred times over, it reminds you that exploration is always rewarded in such massive games. However, even beyond the story elements, other games like Dungeons and Dragons Online benefit from lengthy and detailed quests and a broad range of monsters. While similar games would often limit these to a surrounding area or larger existing world, those here devote themselves to a gauntlet the player needs to run through, which ranges from a dungeon to a full fledged castle. Besides encouraging group gameplay out of necessity, this means that every quest offers some new surprise for you to stumble into, and you can never be wholly sure of just what will be expected of parties. There's no way for you to see the same area a hundred times over, or even something so immersion breaking as accidentally murder every monster in your way while trying to reach the quest giver. Of course, you also need plenty of fun things to offer the players themselves. Thankfully, if there's a fantasy race to be introduced, games like Dungeons and Dragons Online will make them playable sooner rather than later. With all the racial abilities, buffs and unique advantages you might expect, along with more than a few unique worldly elements. Certain items will be completely unique to certain races, and some NPCs will offer varied responses depending upon just who you are. It's this aspect which helps to make similar games infinitely more engaging, and keeps you coming back to try the same areas with new characters. Ultimately, if you're after a well developed, well rounded and incredibly detailed game, you should definitely take a look at a few of the listings below of games similar to Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Games Like Dungeons and Dragons Online for Mac