38 Games Like Donkey Kong Country 2

In the sequel to the immensely popular Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong gets the spotlight, along with his girlfriend, Dixie Kong: a heroic little monkey with a dangerous ponytail. The action starts on the shipwreck of the King K. Rool's Gangplank Galleon which has apparently broken up on a reef near the Kremlings' island. Diddy and his friends will have to work together to rescue Donkey Kong, exploring all the hidden areas of the Kremling's island: a spooky haunted forest, treacherous swamps, a giant bee hive oozing with sticky honey and lava-filled caves (just to name a few). You'll meet Kong family members Wrinkly Kong and Swanky Kong in this sequel. Also, you'll be introduced to four new animal friends: Rattly the rattlesnake, Squitter the Spider, Clapper the seal and Glimmer the angler fish. You'll also get assistance from some of the animal friends from the original Donkey Kong Country, including Rambi the rhino and Enguarde the swordfish. Of course, you'll also face a ton of all-new enemies.

Games Like Donkey Kong Country 2