DmC developed by Ninja theory and published by Capcom is a reboot of the hugely popular Devil May Cry Series. Players take on the role of Dante, who is an offspring from an angel and a demon (a Nephilim) which allows him to use both angelic and demonic weapons. Dante is pulled into battle when the demon king Mundus wants to kill Dante and remove any threats to his throne. Along with his twin brother Vergil and the witch Kat, Dante sets upon a quest to destroy the demon king and break his hold on this world. DmC is an action adventure with a heavy focus on brawl mechanics. Dante has a host of weapons at his disposal including his hand guns Ebony and Ivory, his sword Rebellion, and one angelic and demonic scythe called Osiris and Arbiter. All of these weapons can be swapped in and out on the move, and can be combined into exhilarating never ending combos. The game takes place in Limbo city, and its parallel dimension Limbo where devils reside. The level design of DmC is eye popping and innovative, and provides some of the best looking levels you will ever experience. There is no multiplayer modes in DmC though you will be ranked according to your performance in different sections of the game, which in turn will unlock new modes for you to enjoy.