38 Games Like Diablo 3

The list of games like Diablo 3 that is shown below has been created by Game Cupid's advanced matching algorithm. These games all share features that result in the creation of an action packed world that the player can explore. The games like Diablo listed below require players to fight their way through dangerous monsters and obstacles to progress.

Diablo 3 is a dungeon-crawler that follows on from the events of Diablo 2. Players can choose from 1 of 5 classes and obtain unique items, spells and abilities in order to stop the evil that has risen in the land Tristram. Diablo 3 also features a co-op mode that will allow players to band together with friends as they fight off the horrors they encounter.

All of the games like Diablo that are listed here have been generated by a smart algorithm that evaluates and then compares features that are in Diablo 3 and then finds other games that also share this feature.

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Games Like Diablo 3