38 Games Like Destiny

Everyone wants to play the hero in a video game. It's half the fun of it after all, building upon the escapism, and offering the chance to see everything it has to offer. In some this works, but in others it can sadly fall flat, especially when countless other "chosen ones" or Uber McKill marines are present. However, a choice few can weigh out the badassery of being an elite soldier against the presence of others, making them important to the setting without utterly dominating it. Other games like Destiny strive to make you feel as if you're walking among a gigantic universe, that there is a whole new setting to explore, stories to tell and loot to take. Set off in any direction and you are sure to find something of interest to pick up on, whether it's lore or a new gun, and likely something even more interesting and highly dangerous guarding it. There are few direct structures to these games beyond how certain quests chain together. Nothing demanding that you follow one single route and keep going until the very end. Instead, the story you craft is your to make, and how you approach many potential threats is up to you. This is as true of the mechanics as it is the quests themselves, as while you can choose a certain archetype or design to stick to, your personal decisions carry more weight than the developer's framework. Even if you're a hard hitting tank, you can still find a way to make pistols work for you, or even less conventional weapons. Speaking of weapons, the range of those on offer in games like Destiny is equal only to the variety of monsters found among their maps. Each can be weirder and more wonderful than the last, with varied upgrades, powers or benefits to keep throwing you off.Testing out and experimenting with each is the only way you can truly progress forwards, and you often find yourself judging weapons far less by their stats than how well they handle in direct combat. However, perhaps the most prominent part of games like Destiny is how they crafts their worlds. There is a depth to games like this which goes beyond merely having a bigger gun, and every foe has a story to them. While they might revel in violence and embrace the sheer entertainment value of more explosions than the average Michael Bay film, there's substance to the violence. You always know exactly who you are blowing up, why they oppose you and, most importantly, why you would want to shoot them. As fun as mindless gun-battles often are, it's often all the more satisfying when there's context driving you forwards. If you want an FPS with true staying power, or a science fantasy tale with a wealth of lore and a unique design, then glance through the list below of games similar to Destiny.

Games Like Destiny


Star Citizen is a massively multiplayer, space trading and combat game developed by Cloud Imperium Games. Star Citizen comes with three modules that work in largely different ways: Arena Commander, Star Marine, and Persistent Universe. First, there is Arena Commander, which consists of spaceship flights while performing things such as space dogfights and racing. If a group of friends wants to play together, there are modes that count with online multiplayer.