38 Games Like Darkest Dungeon for Android

Some games avoid losses. They prevent the player from seeing more than a reload screen, requiring them to start over from their previous save. Some allow you to take casualties but keep going, embracing the harrowing experience of sheer attrition while fighting a superior foe, challenging you to find a way to win. These are games like Darkest Dungeon, which personify the struggles, victories and losses of video games better than anything else. Placing a clear emphasis upon methodical combat and RPG elements, these games place a heavy emphasis upon risk management above all else. Almost anything can happen as you strive deeper into the unknown, from injuries slowing your party to even chance encounters parting your heroes from their precious loot. In similar games, any hard won victory can be rapidly turned against you, and it takes a truly careful hand to know when to risk all in the name of power and when to fold 'em and retreat to safety. Such risk-taking is as true of the core combat as it is the very act of travelling. As enemies can arise at almost any turn, and come with no shortage of nasty side-effects, it is entirely down to you as and when you need to engage the local monsters. You might bump into a grovelling minion you can easily crush, only to learn after the fight's over that he's passed on a debilitating curse to your strongest fighter, or that a few of his pals stole from you while he held your attention. While you can rely upon a few of the older strategies RPGs are best known for, the fact other games like Darkest Dungeon sidesteps the usual healer, tank and DPS classes makes life all the more difficult. You can rarely get away with simply breezing through battles on little more than old tricks here. In similar games even basic spells and abilities often make a point of ignoring the obvious options, and instead tweak elements until you're stuck trying to re-learn the game from scratch. While this certainly makes life more difficult, it also ensures that each one is a breath of fresh air when compared with Square Enix's typical RPG tropes. Beyond direct conflict, you have to contend with how to equip, outfit and train your forces, and cope with their own failings. Beyond the typical push to find new weapons, armour and trinkets, some heroes will have been driven mad from the experiences they have seen. Others might be so badly wounded that they need days to recover, or could even succumb to their own personal quirks, such as stealing from the party or starting fights with local vendors. These secondary elements, these occasional chance moments, must be combated and accounted for one step at a time. Similar games certainly make the experience all the more challenging, but this allows games like Darkest Dungeon to cultivate the sense of being a leader. The people you're sending into fights have their own wants, needs and failings, and no matter how often they die they're not simply a mob of faceless peons who obey your every order. If you are looking for a game where your every action risks the ultimate failure; a game where every loss challenges you, and every step backwards is as easy as the one forwards, then take a look below of games similar to Darkest Dungeon.

Games Like Darkest Dungeon for Android