38 Games Like Dark Souls

The games like Dark Souls listed here have been selected by a clever little algorithm that compares and evaluates features in Dark Souls and finds other games with similar features. These games will all include features that will remind you of the dark and dangerous atmosphere, or action combat and role playing elements that are created in Dark Souls.

In Dark Souls you will explore the land of Lordran. The game is mostly open world, however players will need to tread carefully as dangers may lie around any corner. The game is well known for its unforgiving difficulty, both in the strength of the monsters that roam the land of Lordan, and also in the traps that constantly pose a threat to adventures. Players must be constantly alert if they wish to survive in Dark Souls!

What makes our similar games to Dark Souls so accurate is that features are tagged to our games by the people who know them best. If you wish to further improve our list of games like Dark Souls, head over to the contributor portal

Games Like Dark Souls