Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

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Seven years prior to the event of VII— The Shinra Company was rapidly increasing its influence thru monopoly on mako energy and military might. Shinra was on the way to domination from the symbol of their prosperity. SOLDIER is a group of skilled combatant operatives within Shinra. Zack Fair is a young soldier in 2nd Class who aspires to be 1st. He spends his days carrying out assignments under the guidance of his 1st Class mentor, Angeal. During an operation in Wutai, a large number of 1st Class soldier members- lead by 1st Class Operative, Genesis- go missing. The situation prompts Shinra executives to deploy even more Operatives in hopes of bringing an end to war with Wutai- and conducting an investigation the mass desertion. The ones assigned to the mission is Zack, Angeal, and the 1st Class hero known as Sephiroth.