Fall for this delicious gravity-based puzzle game for phones and tablets! Fritter the cockatiel has grown so fat that she can no longer fly or climb over to her bowl full of nummy seeds. Roll the bird along perches and down ladders to drop her safely into her food bowl. Don't forget to reward her with any tasty snacks that might be lying around along the way... the fight against gravity is hard work! And watch out for Fritter's cage mate, Dumpling. When he's around he'll try to hog all the food for himself! Cockatilt contains 42 levels of gravity based physics puzzles with no pesky in-game advertisements or micro-transactions. Collect all of the snacks in every level to unlock a silly new way to play. Cockatilt is a game wherein you fling an adorable butterball cockatiel across perches and down ladders so that she might continue to stuff her gizzard. Tap and drag movable perches of varying shapes and sizes to hasten her descent, and hope that her cage mate won't beat her to dinner.