38 Games Like Brutal Nature

Nature is brutal, but can you survive the Brutal Nature of man? Brutal Nature is a free to play multiplayer survival game where anything can be created and destroyed. You are stranded on an island but you are not alone. Form a group with others to improve your chances of survival but beware not everyone will be friendly! Life in Brutal Nature is about survival by gathering resources for crafting, building structures, hunting and being hunted. For a list of currently supported features check out our information page. The Landscape is a smooth voxel terrain that you can mine for resources, make caves, destroy with weapons, blow up with explosives and place to build structures up to thousands of feet in any direction. Build towers miles tall and mine far into the depths of the earth with our easy to use terrain editing controls. Realism will be strived for but not allowed to stand in the way of fun. Game play will be tunable from highly realistic to arcade style fun by an easy to use modding system.

Games Like Brutal Nature