38 Games Like Bloodborne

Grim, dark storytelling is nothing new to the world. From the classical tales of the Brothers Grimm to the works of Tim Burton, the ideas of a twisted place where humanity has no hope of survival have existed since time immemorial. Yet, to truly allow a player to delve into such a realm when it comes to video games takes a very specific developer. To truly make them feel on edge, horrified at every turn, and in a state of constant struggle, you need to look at other games like Bloodborne. The world these games are set in is a harsh one, with few figures who will not carve you open for a handful of coins, and fewer still who retain their sanity. At every point, around any corner, an enemy who would often be a boss in any other game will await you. Each has their own tricks, strategies and weaknesses, but there are few you will comprehend on the first try. You will die, over and over again facing more powerful foes, seeking to overcome them one step at a time. Yet, despite this, you are not facing a sheer brick wall. Each of the enemies you face is a puzzle to be unlocked, with weaknesses to be exploited. So, even as you die to a spear wielding titan of steel capable of shredding you in seconds, there is always a small voice in your ear reminding you that it's not unfair. It's difficult, but the fact you can hurt it that bit more each time, that you can gradually overcome it, is enough to keep you going. There are no end of surprises in games similar to Bloodborn, both in terms of the weapons you wield and the people you meet. While the expected swords, daggers and two-handed axes are all present, these games are sure to quickly introduce more surprising additions to your equipment. These can range from buzz-saw tipped two-handed swords to canes which can turn into bladed whips, and many even avoid conventional shields. Each can easily be combined with a variety of spells, armours and charms to deal more damage, speed up attacks and even stop foes in their tracks. In fact, there is enough here to suit almost any style of gameplay short of those who wish to merely attack-spam their way to victory. For those players, the only thing other games like Bloodborne will offer you is an early grave. What is most curious, however, are many of the storytelling options. Many quests are hidden within the game, and only the most devoted will find them all with multiple replays. Some require you do kill off peaceful civilians, while others force you to find hidden doors, kill specific foes or choose seemingly irrational routes to certain objectives. No matter your devotion to these games, there is always something new for you to find in it. If you desire a game wreathed in darkness, which pits you against an onslaught of stronger foes, and leaves many storytelling truths to the player, then browse the list below of other games like Bloodborne.

Games Like Bloodborne