38 Games Like Bioshock Infinite for Android

What if...? It's an oldest question, perhaps THE oldest one of any fantasy genre. It's the sort of thing which has shaped entire genres, spawned classics and even sparked the Renaissance of science fiction when it brought about whole new ideas. So, when you want a game ask this question about choice, when you want a game wishes to fully delve into how decisions shatter lives, nations and time itself, you require other games like Bioshock Infinite. Blending a strong story with high speed first-person combat, these are games which offer the typical joy of unrestrained violence but combine it with a strong story. So, while you can certainly unleash point-blank annihilation upon an enemy via a doomsday gun, or even rack up enough kills to fill several graveyards, it's the context behind those fights which you'll remember most. Waging war against an army seeking to die against actual soldiers, or overthrowing a rebellion which has proven to be even worse than its tyrannical oppressors gives context to fights. It gives you more than a mere target to shoot at, and instead provides you with a reason to keep shooting. Strong characters are an obvious essential in games like Bioshock Infinite, as they help to drive forwards its storytelling ideas. Often a boss will serve as a representation of a certain enemy, or even a major theme within the game, and as the violent culmination of a story leading up to that point. They are not merely introduced at the end as a big shock, but you see traces of their storylines, elements of their histories or even inner thoughts throughout the areas leading up to their reveal. It adds much needed pathos to the violence, and helps these games to stand out from the crowd. Of course, even if you do ditch the detailed histories and stories which help these games stand out, the combat itself proves to be stellar from start to finish. While the act of shooting a gun is on par with the average generic FPS release, games like Bioshock Infinite augment in other ways. Upgrades don't merely offer a new gunsight or stock, but add in multi-barrel augmentations or steampunk additions like lightning bullets. The secondary powers aren't even limited to simple grenades or med-packs either, but focus upon more fantastical things instead. A fist full of bees to keep your enemies away, the ability to summon fire at will, or even the option to warp time itself in your favour are all present here. Each offers a different benefit or upgrade, and when used in combination with your guns it can lead to deadly combinations. While Treyarch might offer gamers zombies, games like Bioshock Infinite give them the opportunity to create whirlwinds of fire which launch enemies into nearby proximity mines. If you wish to examine a game unafraid to open itself to questions of reality, if you wish to explore a fantastical tale of strife, joy, sorrow and perseverance, then take a look below at games similar to Bioshock Infinite.

Games Like Bioshock Infinite for Android