Astro Lords: Oort Cloud

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*Astro Lords: Oort Cloud* is a free-to-play, science-fiction MMORTS. The game
seamlessly combines construction management with click-and-drag Artillery
style combat and strategy elements such as exploration, raiding and
espionage. The game takes full advantage of stunning Unity 3D graphics to
provide a visually rich experience.
You will take on the role of an Astro Lord, leader of your own asteroids in
the Oort Cloud on the fringes of the solar system. As well as vying against
other players for dominance in PVP combat, you must also face off against a
mysterious alien race which has invaded the Cloud.
Asteroids are at the heart of your Empire. You begin the game with a home
asteroid which you must develop through the construction of facilities such
as mines, power plants, factories and laboratories. Resources must be
gathered, or stolen, to construct ammunition and cyborgs to fuel your
expansion. Secondary asteroids can be added through colonising empty ones, or
capturing developed asteroids from your enemies.
*Astro Lords: Oort Cloud* is the first MMORTS to feature moving bases on a
spherical map, putting you in the driving seat. Will you manoeuvre your
asteroid in pursuit of your enemies, flee from hostile foes, or explore vast
nebulae and alien ruins?
Leading the charge against your enemies are the Captains. You can recruit up
to 6 Captains from 7 different classes. Will you recruit a Warrior and focus
your efforts on combat? A Scientist, to boost your research output? A Spy, to
keep tabs on other Astro Lords and alien bases? With over 50 different skills
to develop, you can tailor your Captains to suit your gameplay style. Each
Captain can be fully controlled in battle against other players and AI alien
enemies, and will fight to defend your base while you're offline too.
Captains and starbases can be improved through skills, runes, artifacts and
officers, giving you complete control over your combat style and abilities.
The click-and-drag Artillery style combat in Astro Lords: Oort Cloud provides
fast-paced real-time combat – think Worms, but without having to wait your
turn! Players can choose between a number of different battle modes including
Team Deathmatches, Duels, Boss Fights and Alien Challenges.
To maintain your power in the Oort Cloud, you'll need to have strong friends
and rich enemies. Forge alliances with other players and help defend each
other’s asteroids, and send your spies to infiltrate and sabotage enemy
bases. Lead daring raids against other players to steal their resources for
yourself. Deploy Explorer cyborgs into the Cloud to discover ancient
technology and mysterious artifacts. In the Oort Cloud, it's up to you
whether you want to be the hero or the villain...
About the Game
Astro Lords: Oort Cloud was inspired by classic games such as Master of
Orion, as well as modern MMOs like OGame and Dark Orbit. As an MMO in
constant development, Astro Lords: Oort Cloud receives free regular updates
containing new game features and improvements.