38 Games Like ARK: Survival Evolved

Survival is often not enough. Even the most essential of open world games offer more than merely racing from one location to the next, and grant players the opportunity to construct their own small empires within the wilderness. Some go even further than that however, and push to let players truly hold dominion over the land with enough time and effort. These are games like Ark Survival Evolved, where the true challenge lies in taming the very monsters of the world rather than merely killing them. Populated by a vast range of dinosaurs, gigantic insects, and stranger predators still, the lands of these games are hostile places to be sure. You need only travel a short distance before stumbling upon some new predator and, if you are not cautious, quickly becoming its latest meal. The challenge then stems from learning of these behemoths and slowly overcoming them. Coming to understand their failings, blind spots and hunting grounds is essential to succeeding in any way, and other games similar to Ark Survival Evolved reward such patience at every turn. This is where that all-essential domestication of any monster lies, as you will never tame one by running screaming at it with a sword. Learning when it sleeps, isolates itself or lowers its guard will be what allows you to claim one for yourself. Each and every monster has its own tricks and benefits once killed. Some come with less meat but offer chitin to forge new weapons, while others grant players essential medical chemicals. How you hunt them, and how you bring them down is entirely up to you, as is the task of uncovering which biome is home to the beast you need at the time. While other games like Ark will certainly off you tips on how to progress forwards, many lessons can only be taught via a trial by fire. The same goes with many tools and how to construct them, as many appear at first to be the sort of thing you can only steal. Yet, there is a trick to constructing each one, and finding the right parts will often leave you scouring the land for any sign of the right pieces. Your progress might be slow at first. You might die time and time again trying to master a single task, or even find yourself questioning your very plan of attack. Yet, despite this, games like Ark: Survival Evolved succeed by always keeping your reward in sight. You always know that there is something worthwhile awaiting you at the end of this all, and that it can be achieved with enough time and effort. As such, trying and difficult as you might find it at times, it makes the survival experience all the more engaging and leaves you knowing you are on the right track. If you seek a game which allows you to conquer the very monsters who hunt your every step, where the wilderness can be bound to your will, then take a look at a few of the games listed below with similar features to Ark.

Games Like ARK: Survival Evolved

  1. Don't Starve Together Cover Art
    • 88%
    • Early Access/ Beta
    • Klei Entertainment
      • PC (Windows)
      • Linux
      • Mac OS X