38 Games Like ArcheAge

Every genre has its experiments, those small games which try to reinvent the wheel or radically alter the fundamental basics of a winning formula. While often such an effort results in absolute disaster, a few can still be found which succeed in not only rivalling more conventional releases, but sometimes even surpassing them. These are games like ArcheAge, which were not afraid to experiment and tinker with what worked; taking heavy inspiration from so many previous games, but reinventing them to create something wholly new. Upon first joining a game like ArcheAge you will likely see many of the essentials of any MMORPG. The ever necessary levelling system, perks, feats, skills and the general role of tank, DPS and healer are all there. However, the world in which they interact with is vastly different from the likes of Lordaeron or Tyria. More akin to a sandbox simulator than any multiplayer raid experience, you have the choice of fully exploring the vast world rather than merely going from one quest hub to the next. Atop of this freedom, players of these games are also granted a break from many of the typical fantasy stereotypes. While elves and humans both put in a showing the likes of the Firran and Harani step away from the typical dwarves and orcs, instead reflecting bestial and more oriental aesthetics at their core. The broader variety of visuals goes hand in hand with a few expected racial perks, but also a much more dynamic class system. Games like ArcheAge seek to break free of the typical trappings found in Western RPGs, and instead favour a far more free-form system. This is often built more upon choices of equipment, abilities and perks over mere careers, and grants the ability to create something far more unique. More than anything else however, games like ArcheAge seek to add an element of unpredictability to the day to day quests. While it is easy to cite the ability to craft ships, create shipyards and even player owned freighters to traverse among islands as a selling point, it’s what happens between that which makes such releases stand out. After all, it’s one thing to make supply runs, but another entirely to try and do so, only to find the island blockaded by pirates or a kraken in your way. In these moments the game itself can seem organic and truly alive over merely a well structured series of stories. It offers you true agency and control over your existence, and the opportunity to find your way in a continuously changing world., If you hunger for an MMO which offers a true sense of adventure, and if you seek a game which offers more than merely a few rewards after each raid, then take a look at a few of the examples of similar games below.

Games Like ArcheAge