Developed by XL Games, ArcheAge is one of several Korean MMORPGs which emphasizes sandbox exploration. Set on the high seas, players have a world to explore, filled with sea monsters and island nations. From there what they do is entirely down to them.

ArcheAge can be divided into two halves. The first being the aforementioned sandbox experience while the other is considered the "theme park". Closer in many regards to a traditional MMO, it offers structure and presentation over freedom. This allows players to choose which style of game they would favour the most, and choice in terms of how they level up their characters. In addition to this however, cooperation is encouraged between groups over solo gameplay. Many larger scale projects require entire guilds to focus upon them, from building ships to raiding large settlements. 

While class plays a role in how players start the game, their role is decided more by what professions they choose to follow. Due to its broad nature, ArcheAge allows players to reshape the environment to their will. Establishing housing, farms, trade routes or even stores are all viable opportunities, while the questing system itself dynamically develops over time. The game also provided the rare example of allowing players to "finish" long quests early for a reduced level of exp. Even enforcing justice was in part down to players, with some serving as judges or jury members. Through these methods, ArcheAge has continued to experiment with building more open world mechanics into its MMORPG experience.