AR-K: The Great Escape

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*Episode 3 in the AR-K universe!*
Help Alicia Van Volish to flee from District 8 and discover the source of the
mysterious Golden Sphere in an adventure full of mystery, acid humor,
hilarious characters and sci-fi. Immerse yourself in a classic point and
click style, with great history written by award-winning comic writer Greg
* *Script written by Greg Rucka*: enjoy a story of mystery, humor and
romance created by the winner of four Eisner Awards and renowned comic
writer Greg Rucka.
* *Enhanced gameplay*: new inventory systems and dialogues, thanks to the
players' feedback in the first two episodes.
* *New locations*: more varied backgrounds, sci-fi designs and more dynamic
world than in AR-K 1 and 2. Much more quality to give life to District 8
* *New charismatic characters ... and some already known in AR-K universe*:
a crazy scientist, a gambler and a lot of cardesians will join Alicia and
Franky on his adventure through this adventure.