Agent Awesome

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Agent Awesome -- a brand new strategy game for PC and Mac -- is the debut
title from Chaos Industries. As Agent A., you must use your tactical
expertise to plan the perfect strategy and storm through the building of your
former employer, Engineering Vicious Ideas Labs (E.V.I.L.).
Each of the 12 levels has been designed with both a combat and a stealth
approach in mind -- and both styles bring the same rewards. Agent Awesome
offers deep tactical gameplay that mixes elements of the tower offense and
stealth genres.
Play as the title character who -- after a night out with his pal, Michael
Anger -- gets drunk-dared into showing he is the ultimate badass by storming
and eliminating all the middle management of his former employer, E.V.I.L.
You must clear all 12 floors of the building while fighting or dodging
hilarious enemies such as flying sharks and kombat koalas. Everything in the
game has been tailored with the objective of making the player crack a smile.
Get ready for:
12 levels of *pure awesomeness*!
Explosions, bullets, action, murder . . . and *koalas*!
Deep tactical gameplay
Kill everyone . . . or not! It´s your choice. (Gamers *love* choices!)
Lots and lots of *weapons* . . . and they’re *upgradable*!
Everything, literally* everything* will make you laugh. (We are cool like
Designed by *Chaos Industries* and developed by *Chundos Studio*, Agent
Awesome will become your new favorite game.