38 Games Like 7 Days to Die

Zombies are a force of nature. Whereas Jason Vorhees is a one man army, vampires are lords of the night and werewolves turn the man next to you into a rabid killer, these creatures are legion. You cannot simply pin one down, you cannot merely hunt it, and for every one you kill, one more will quickly replace it. The idea is as horrifying as can be, and this is why games like 7 Days to Die have proven to be so compelling. The zombies have won, they roam the earth in the billions, and how long can you last now they're here? Games like 7 Days to Die ultimately hinge upon the idea that you are doing whatever you can to survive. Rather than simply going from place to place, house to house or city to city, raiding whatever supplies you need, you're rebuilding. While scavenging and braving lost homes is an essential part of such a game, they permit you to build barricades and reinforce your position via a dozen different means. Trenches, barricades, bear traps and punji pits are all on offer, meaning that as much as the environment is against you, there's always a way to turn it to your side. The voxel nature of this world and its destructible elements can quite literally open new doors. While it means you can create choke points and limit the approach of any horde, but it also opens up new opportunities for your assaults. Entering a house is always a dangerous thing if something is waiting inside, so why not demolish a wall with a hammer? Or, for that matter, why not level most of a building after drawing as many zombies as possible them there. Obviously, as you need to turn anything to your side, there's no limit to what weapons you can pick up. From planks with a nail in it to full fledged machine guns, you can pick out anything to help defend any stronghold you might construct, so long as you can fix or maintain them. Yet, there are often more important things you must search for atop of this. If you want to stop being reliant upon finite supplies of canned foods yet to be pillaged from stores, you'll need crops and fresh water. The right places can offer you a chance to truly start over and dig in, thriving and rebuilding rather than simply surviving. Games like 7 Days to Die also grant you the opportunity to try a few different things when it comes to controlling the zombie horde as well. You have no chance of overcoming it, no hope of truly ridding the land of these creatures, you can control their influxes. Like a tide or shift of a season, you can calculate when and how groups will emerge, cutting them of as they do and countering new swarms as needed, until you can slowly expand your sphere of influence. If you wish to see a zombie game which grants you the chance to survive, adapt and rebuild, or a sandbox experience matched up with flesh eating horrors, then take a look below at the games similar to 7 days to die.

Games Like 7 Days to Die