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One Click Synchronization

You can easily import your games and achievements from Steam, PSN Network and XBOX Live with just a click. GameCupid will ensure that your account stays up-to-date and will automatically add games and unlocked achievements to your collection.

Track achievements

Once you synchronize with your gaming networks, we will pull in all the achievements you’ve unlocked. We have a unique tier system and we reward you more Greatness points for the rarer achievements you unlock. Yup, achievement hunting is about to get a lot more fun!

Track Backlogs

For most games, finishing is no easy task, which is why you can easily track all the games you’ve completed here.

Track the time you spent to complete the main story, side-quests, speedrun and more.


A.I. that figures out the games you’ll love to play

Our game discovery engine looks at your games collection and figures out what other games you’ll love. It understands what features in a game you like, maybe its games with character progression, or an open world or puzzles, this data is your feature DNA and the engine offers you recommendations of other games with a similar feature DNA. The game recommendations span across platforms, eras and genres.

What our matching engine cares about the most, is the ideas that have built a game.

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Your Greatness Level

Earn Points For Your Gaming Greatness

We look at your games collection and reward you ‘Greatness’ points based on the number of games you’ve got and achievements you’ve unlocked. This is a pretty unique levelling system to show off your gaming prowess. We have our own unique tier system for achievements as well, so the rarer achievements you unlock the more Greatness points you get.

This is where the talking stops and playing begins!

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Your Collection Everywhere

We’ve got a handy wee app that lets you see your games collection and your recommendations on your mobile devices. You just completed a game? want to track it? Boom! do it on your mobile!

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The Video Game Genome Project

GameCupid is powered by the Video Game Genome Project which has one of the most detailed codex of video games and its features. This is what powers our game recommendation engine

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